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Sing Leaf

Do Right


words by tom johnson

David Como never meant for this work to be heard, until, so the story goes, a fellow friend and musician stumbled upon his attic-recorded demos and urged him to do something with them. The result was his 2013 debut record, Watery Moon, which he finally follows up this year with the release of Shu Ra, a brand new album under Como’s Sing Leaf moniker, which will be released on April 27th, via Tin Angel, the Coventry-based label, home to the likes of Trembling Bells, Nicholas Krgovich, and many more adventurous and superlative talents.

“Some things only retain their power if you don’t talk about them,” was Como’s excuse, but these songs no longer belong to him only and so here we are, to talk directly about them, and to tell you that ‘Do Right’, the first track to be released from the record, more than lives up to the enigmatic tale that precedes it; a rather wondrous four minutes of subtlety and experimentation that is crisply, captivatingly unique.

Needling away in that Toronto loft space, Como has still managed to infiltrate his recordings with plenty of light, and Do Right is all the more captivating for the brightness that skirts at its edges, spreading flickering beams across the otherwise nightly persuasion of his compelling voice which is reminiscent of Destroyer at his luxurious best; a healthy dose of Sparklehorse.

Slowly opening up in to something altogether more playful – all twitching percussion and scattered samples – it makes for a brilliant, quietly beautiful start-point to his new chapter. We’re very pleased to share the new track here today and you can stream it below right now.



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