New Music:

Saudade Sisters

“Where You Are”


words by ross jones

Music can act as a form of subliminal and suitable form of communication between lost spirits, an intangible bridge between continents and countries, towns and post codes without a spoken or written word being sent between one person and another. The Saudade Sisters, with their introductory EP ‘Wrong Ones’, define such music’s power by creating it themselves, their music being informed by the duo’s time spent apart from another and creating music within such distant constraints.

“Where You Are” is the first track to be shared from the rich EP, manifested from living their lives apart from another, while guarding their tight bond through the eloquent continuity of their creativity. Building upon an leisurely structure of sibilating reverb and a rush of harmonies blowing like a mountain of leaves within a gust, Claire Morales and Jena Pyle stick to one another, an unflinching glow simmering within the twang of mid-country steel, a pairing so coherent and absolute that their music can illustrate.

A poignant and expressive opening, listen to ‘Where You Are’ below – it’s taken from the ‘Wrong Ones’ EP, a new five-track collection which is available from May 19th via Sports Day Records.



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