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Sam Moss



words by tom johnson

Sam Moss’ 2016 LP, Fable, was the sound of an artist truly coming in to their own, the inquisitiveness of his earlier work channeled in to a record that held its own against the influencers that so intrigued him. Which makes his new LP even more intriguing, and the Neon LP, set to be released in early March, lands an immediate blow with the delicately detailed first single ‘Flowers’, which we’re extremely pleased to share with you today.

Moss’ signature guitar style is still a pertinent aspect of his work on the new track, but ‘Flowers’ thrives because of the human voice at the centre of it, the storytelling aspect of the work that harks back to some of those that Moss has shared a stage with over the past years: Elvis Perkins, Alisdair Roberts, and GFP-favourite Twain, to name a few.

“Let me tell you a story that goes no place” Moss sings at the songs mid-point, “Let the details slide, let the memories drift.” And while there is a sense of hazy, clouded ambiguity, of a wanderer wandering on, the songs gentle persuasion wins out, its four-minutes, intricate and endearing, subtly changing the space around you, the listener, until you feel embedded in its world, wanting only to stay a little longer than the track allows.

An intriguing, captivating start-point to the new record, you can stream ‘Flowers’ below right now; Neon is released on March 2nd on Lost Honey Records.

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