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New Music:

Sam Leidig

“A Quarry Log”


words by tom johnson

Written while he was recovering from reconstructive collarbone surgery “in an opiate-induced haze”, the suitably titled ‘Collarbone’ LP is the debut record from Sam Leidig, a young songwriter, previously covered on these pages under his SMLH guise, who makes beautifully-detailed art-pop, something showcased¬†on brand new track “A Quarry Log” which we’re extremely pleased to unveil here today.

Releasing his full record later this year via the ever-engaging Babe City Records, Leidig takes his newly adopted surname from a German adjective which is “used to deride someone as tiresome”, but such sentiments are soon forgotten as the slow-burning magic of “A Quarry Log” broods in to life, those half-distorted vocals meeting a colourful musical backdrop of lilting guitars that make for a something brilliantly compelling.

“Balance with all my effort, a precarious stance, my neck hurts again,” Leidig sings on the tracks measured opening: “In another time, in another place, and I have nothing left to erase.” Armed with a striking ability to craft something hazy and nostalgic from otherwise languid surroundings, the new track is both an immediate and immediately endearing starting-point; the kind of sun-dappled track that quietly stirs something in the listener until it feels almost crushingly vital. Check it out below right now.

‘Collarbone’ is released on tape via Babe City Records

You can pre-order it here




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