New Music:


“Cars And Houses”


words by tom johnson

photograph by lauren max

Forging his own new path, following previous work with Rocky Votolato and Cataldo, for whom he’s still an active member, Matt Batey releases debut solo album Winning Star Champion this coming May; a collection of songs he’s penned over the past half-decade alongside his aforementioned work, and while working for Alaska Airlines in the interim. Announced via a track premiere on Billboard Magazine, who unveiled the colourful indie-pop of “Petrified”, the project  takes another leap forward today with brand new track “Cars And Houses” which we’re very pleased to unveil below.

Wrapped up in just under three-minutes, the new track is an breezy undertaking, the gleaming instrumentation sitting as a solid backdrop for Batey’s always-considered vocal take, which itself has the ability to carve out varying atmospheric shapes in spite of the overall playfulness of the composition. “I always dreamt of streets and highways; always barely getting by,” Batey sings in one of the lulls between the songs otherwise brighter peaks; the subtle verses then ripping in to life for the big, billowing chorus that pulls the whole thing together; a precursor like a storm watched brooding from afar.

The full Winning Star Champion LP is due on May 25th, via the brilliant Barsuk Records, and you can stream the brilliant new single below right now; check it out.

‘Winning Star Champion’ is released on May 25th, via Barsuk Records



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