New Music:

RF Shannon

“Don’t Be Shy”


words by tom johnson

photograph by jess williamson

In this age where everyone is striving to find an answer, to discover the best way of navigating this ever-changing musical world, it’s refreshing to find an artist (and, by extension, a record label) that’s happy to turn against the tide, to do what they want when they want to do it.

Released at the start of August, Rain on Dust is RF Shannon’s third album in as many years, each one as considered and attentive as the next, worthy of its place among a flood of long-running campaigns and hype-building.

Each provides a different journey, too, Shane Renfro finding new ways to document the sun-scorched world around him, the sentiments that drift between. The new record is no different and, as appropriate descriptors go, its title ‘Rain on Dust’ is indicative of Renfro’s work here, an often-evocative collection of ballads which flip between country-leaning alt. rock and moments of bright(er) exuberance.

New track “Don’t By Shy”, released today and streaming below for you, is synonymous with his more vivid moments, that tender voice spilling its laments over a wonderful concoction of lilting guitars and half-buried honky-tonk piano.

Always centred by nostalgia, but able to conjure up a fascinating sense of space that carries you far from home, RF Shannon continue to craft songs that revel in sumptuousness, that fit so subtly into your own world it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between awake and dreams.

Listen to the new song right now, and pre-order the record via Keeled Scales via the link below. The vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies and comes on opaque coke-bottle green vinyl marbled with agave green and lavender.


Pre-order new album ‘Rain on Dusthere

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