New Music:

Radiator Hospital

“Dance Number”


words by tom johnson

photograph by catherine elicson

Set to soundtrack the sweetest moments of teenage nostalgia if it weren’t so close to falling apart at the seems, “Dance Number” is the brilliant new track from Radiator Hospital, a two-minute jam that finds Sam Cook-Parrott in suitably fleeting and formative mood as his band announce the release of new album ‘Plays The Songs You Like‘, released this-coming October via Salinas Records.

Recorded with Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Kurt Vile), the new record is said to feature a “completely locked-in Radiator Hospital projecting in high definition”, differing from the more loose ensemble and focus that led to previous records ‘Torch Song’ and ‘Something Wild’, as well as a host of smaller collections.

If PTSYL is the moment they channel that furiously pretty spirit in to something more cohesive, then Dance Party remains a satisfyingly untethered, the scrappiness that resonates so alarmingly through their earlier work still very much present and correct as the song sways through its heartening two-minutes, the track billed as a “meta-commentary about the way we use music to help us cope” and exuding just that same sense of importance and relief as it swiftly arrives and departs, while lingering for far longer.

Check it out below right now.

‘Play The Songs You Like’ is released on October 20th

You can pre-order it here


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