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Rachel Lynne

S/T [EP]


by trevor elkin

Some days, all you want is to be able to bathe deeply in uncertainty and let the sorrow seep out of your pores.

While satisfying a craving for the sad stuff, the self-titled debut EP by Rachel Lynne also leaves the door ajar just enough to let in some warm light. The light in question being Lynne’s soulful alt-country voice (with a passing glance to Julia Jacklin or Angel Olsen), that pulls no punches when it’s called upon to spar with the EP’s brasher, reverb-soaked emo deflections. Originally from Georgia – Country Music’s spiritual reference point – Lynne now lives in Pittsburgh, a city built on the meeting point of three rivers. A fair analogy for her intriguing blend of styles and influences.

Going into the EP, the soft hum intro of ‘Who Will Save Us’ initially lays down some expectations of this being a gentle ballad, with more of the same to follow – but that notion is soon lost among the swirling dust devils of the rest of the song. The sparser ‘Better Without You’ grows gradually from its breathy, confessional verse, into a chorus whose bitter cold burrows into your bones, aiming for your heart: “My life is better without you / but sometimes I just want to call you up and say I miss you, do you miss me? / But your life seems better without me.”  From the swooning starlight of ‘Some Nights’ to the ‘The Wolf’, a twilight tale of predatory abuse, Lynne creates an unsettling fantasy from real experience, where the pushes and pulls of life come when you least expect. Finally, ‘Let’s Go’ daydreams of a escaping to a simpler life, where all you need is the one you love.

Beautifully crafted, beneath its dark shell ‘Rachel Lynne’ is rich with colour and emotion – take some time out to delve into it, below.

‘Rachel Lynne’ is out now, buy it on Bandcamp



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