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More Is Less [EP]


words by tom johnson

It’s notable, today at least, here in this city, that Pompey’s brilliant new EP closes with a track called ‘Snow (sucks)’ given that the weather, today at least, here in this city, is dragging us back in to the depths of winter just as we thought we’d found ourselves on the other side of it, victorious and liberated from its gloomy clutches. In such circumstances, we tend to turn to escapism instead, something to pull a hood over the real world, to transport us somewhere else entirely. In that regard, More Is Less, the aforementioned new five-song collection, is also notable, the sprawling splendour of it enough for us to forget whatever’s going on outside the creaking windows of our own world.

Released this coming Friday (April 6th), but streaming here for you in full a few days early, the new EP is the work of a Montreal band made up of members from elsewhere, including Common Holly, Thanya Iyer, Future States and Corey Gulkin. Satisfyingly, the EP certainly feels like a concoction of all of those artists previous work, a dazzling collection that ebbs and flows, reclines and expands; that can pack a solid punch and then drift in to the either, warped and discombobulated. There are also hints of other Canadian luminaries; a touch of Broken Social Scene meandering; a shimmer of The Dears at their early, pompous best.

Surprisingly sprawling, given that it’s only a literal handful of songs, the EP is held together by the seven-minute ‘Give In’ which acts as the magnet at the centre of it all; a weighty mass that the other songs orbit around. Bright and buoyant, the track unravels amid a pulsing musical undercurrent and shadowy vocals, shrinking in to itself and then flooding forward again, beautifully detailed and ambitious. Elsewhere, opening track ‘Fractions’ highlights the playfulness which underpins the band’s work, while ‘Cincihappy’ is a gnarly burst of indie-rock, an otherwise luminous composition shrouded in a fogginess that makes the whole thing more compelling.

Intriguing layered, potently crafted, More Is Less stays true to the sentiments of its title while still feeling like a woozy journey full of wonder; an absorbing swell, full of idiosyncrasies that you’ll be discovering for days and days. Listen to it below right now.




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