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Pole Siblings



words by tom johnson

If you’ve followed our nordic adventures at all then the Strangers Candy label should be no, well, stranger to you. The driving force behind the likes of Grapell and Many Voices Speak, the Swedish label deliver another gem today in the form of “Ghosts”, the lead track from the most alluring of new bands; the brother-sister duo of Pole Siblings.

The work of Johan and Sofia Stolpe, Pole Siblings make an immediate impact on the first track from their debut EP, the settled glow of their composition crafted from a subtle back-drop of simmering guitars and gorgeous dual vocals that take turns drifting in and out of focus, the whole piece hanging like a pocket of warm air on some summer’s day that stirs all kinds of melancholic memories of days left behind.

Carefully balanced in that space between beauty and eeriness, it’s a wonderful introduction to the pair’s work, and you can stream it below right now. The full debut EP, It Might Grow, is released on June 16th, via the aforementioned Strangers Candy label. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information.



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