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Plateau Below

“Slithering By (A Stroll Through Town)”


words by tom johnson

A refined and eminently pretty case of nominative determinism, Plateau Below’sSlithering By (A Stroll Through Town)” sounds like exactly that, the swaying nature of the music like a soundtrack to some late-afternoon amble, one where both the ugliness and prettiness of the streets you live in feel captured for a moment, a photograph stirred in to life.

Taken from the Bloomington band’s forthcoming EP on Jurassic Pop – the follow-up to their much-loved 2014 ‘Still Paradise’ LP – the new track is streaming below today, and that rich warmness so palpable in their work shines through again here, the soft glow of the instrumentation meeting Logan Carithers’ swooning voice like a patchwork that was always meant to come together.

For all the talk of strolling and ambling, however, there’s an extra bite to “Slithering By” that truly compels, the song casting a wry eye over the comings-and-goings of a town, of the darker underbelly of society and its processes, rather than pitch itself as a love letter to modernity. Either way, the new track makes for a brilliantly captivating next-step – and you can check it out below right now. Here’s what Carithers himself had to say about it:

“Knowing a city well enough that the dirty, disturbing traits of the town aren’t invisible anymore. You take a walk around town, see the sights you see every day, and try to figure out how all this shit fits into the grand scheme of things. All the while, you and everyone else just keep slithering around, blindly feeling it all out until it ends.”

Pre-order the cassette here, via Jurassic Pop



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