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Personal Best



by tom johnson

A snap-shot pairing of two of the best up-and-coming bands these crumbling shores have to offer, Too Pure Singles Club are set to release a new split single between GFP-faves Bruising and the forever-essential Personal Best – and the latter of the two have just shared their new cut, Rollies, which might well be their most compelling moment to-date.

Enough platitudes? Tough. Bruising released their side of the bargain earlier this month (listen here) and “Rollies” makes for the most reliable of companions, strutting through its three-and-a-half minutes in a bluster of gnarly guitar lines and Kate Gatt’s ever-endearing lead vocal that leaps from casual croon to rabid scrawl with a casual swagger that is brilliantly infectious. “If I have to ask you one more time to wear your helmet when you ride your bike I’m going to lose my fucking mind,” she sings early on, that conversation prose backed by a simmering instrumental that eventually ramps itself up for a glowing final minute or so, as bright and bold as they’ve ever been.

Stream the new track here; Personal Best tour with Mitski from next month, see the full set of dates below.



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