New Music:

Pearl Crush

“First Blush b​/​w Semiprecious Stone”


by tom johnson

A new name to us, and a new release to scribble on January’s already exemplary list of names to keep a firm eye on, the debut single from Houston’s Pearl Crush, the iridescent guitar-pop project of one Mandy Kim Clinton, which is released via Poison Moon Records; a DIY label from the same city.

Described by Mandy herself as “an exploration of identity and emotional expression through carefully composed pop songs,” such attention to detail is somewhat left out of the picture, in all of the right ways, as the two tracks rattle past with a wooziness that’s akin to simply living in the moment. Lead track “First Blush” is exactly that, the subtle electronica and C-86 glaze to the vocals mirroring some kind of heady first meeting that leads to infatuation, while the B-side, “Semiprecious Stone” is a more refined affair; a sugar-sweet vocal leading a more melodramatic journey than it’s partner.

A compelling start-point, the 7″ is out now – buy it via Bandcamp here, and stream it below.


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