Palm by Dylan Pearce

New Music:


Dog Milk


words by tom johnson

photograph by dylan pearce

Almost unfairly sharp and inspired, the latest track to be released from Palm’s forthcoming LP on Carpark Records is a jumbled and joyous affair, a celebration of colour and skewed pop structures that might well be their most compelling moment to-date. Released on February 9th, the quartet’s Rock Island LP is available to pre-order now and also coincides with a mammoth set of tour dates which brackets the album’s release, and takes in shows alongside both Deerhoof and Spirit Of The Beehive.

A hypnotic blend of Animal Collective playfulness and signature stylistics that defy casual categorisation, ‘Dog Milk’ is a coruscating five-minutes or so, the bands dogged inventiveness pushed to to its gleaming and extreme limits by a composition that leads a merry dance all of its own, like leaping in to someone else’s dream and having no control over when or where it leads.

Fluid, fascinating, and formidable, it’s hard not to see this as a band at the very height of their power; thankfully there’s still a full album to follow. Check out ‘Dog Milk’ below right now.



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