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Pale Kids

St. Theresa


words by tom johnson

photograph by nathan stephens-griffin

Underpinned by the same witty charm and bite that veins it way through many of their Northern-England luminaries (Martha are the obvious, lazy, and apt comparison), the mighty Pale Kids return today with the news that they’ve joined the wonderful Father/Daughter Records family for a new¬†three-song 7″ called ‘Hesitater‘, which will be released via the fledgling US label at the end of March.

Alongside the news, GFP is very pleased to unveil the belting A-side number, St. Theresa, which the band is sharing today alongside a suitably DIY video – check out all the sights and sounds below right now.

A heady, cacophonous two-minutes that bursts out of the traps, never once stopping for breath, the new track is all furious riffs and suitably playful vocals, packing the kind of punch that has become the band’s forte over the past year or so.

“Will I die quick? Will I like it? Will I feel sick?” Pale Kids ask amid the swirling bluster, the track powering back in to life for a short, sharp moment; quickly departing before we get a chance to learn the answer to such questions.

A blazing, brilliant return, you can check out “St. Therea” below right now and grab a pre-order for the forthcoming release right here, via Father/Daughter.



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