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Paco Sala



words by tom johnson

Late April sees the release of “Our Love Is The Gold”, the third studio album from Paco Sala, an enigmatic duo who create dense, shadowy other-worlds through a mixture of dreamlike vocals and dense, undulating instrumental patterns. Previously covered on GFP with their ‘Ko Yo’ EP, back in 2016, the new record picks up where that collection found us, the pair traveling to new dark corners, through new landscapes, to craft a record that bristles with explorative melodrama.

Unveiled today, new track Montezuma is indicative of this outlook, a tightly-knit five-minutes of gently-pulsing rhythms and illusory vocals that linger and stir rather than penetrate, dragging the listener deep into their world rather than reaching out from it.

Interspersing this drone-like atmosphere with little glimmers of light, the track is always aware of its balance, no matter how dark it gets, and it’s that equilibrium which is the real star here, the smothering nature of the composition never exerting too much weight, but just enough to keep us completely gripped throughout.

The full record is available to pre-order now; it’s released in April via the excellent Denovali label. Check out ‘Montezuma’ below right now.



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