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Split release


by tom johnson

We’ve often spoken of our love for the split-release; a medium that offers the ability to champion two sides of similar coins, adding extra weight and interesting new angles to varying bands work. The latest split to grab our unfettered musical hearts is this new one from Oxblood and Cabbage (no, not that one; yes, there’s another one), two bands from Philly who make a beautiful racket across six heartening slabs of lofi guitar pop.

Split evenly, with three songs each, its Oxblood’s offerings that are the most immediate, the trio offering swooning pop music that manages to be both brilliantly fresh and quietly compelling. Led by Aimee Lin’s instantly charming lead vocal, which gracefully weave its way through the bands otherwise loose productions, Oxblood provide seven-minutes of music that will leave you grasping for that new favourite band label. Very good indeed.

Cabbage’s efforts are instantly more scrappy, the trio making good on those “basement scene” caveats with a sound that feels half-muted by thick bricked walls. They’re no less enticing, however; initial tracks “right” and “far out” ripping through their heady mess of flailing drums and guitar, before final track “faster” belies its title by slowing the whole thing down for an affecting finale that shines a slightly more muted light on Cabbages work.

I don’t wanna move faster; dig my feet in the sand, close the door and sleep ‘till the morning,” they sing, before injecting the second half of the track with a pop-punk coda that brings this little gem of a record to a fitting finale. Stream it below.


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