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Okkervil River

“Don’t Move Back To LA”


words by tom johnson

Continuing his flurry of active work, Will Sheff has announced another new Okkervil River album, with the April release of new album ‘In The Rainbow Rain’, which follows reasonably quickly on the heels of the late 2016-released – and still wonderfully evocative – album ‘Away’ LP. Billed, in the album’s foreword, as “an exuberant declaration of hope” the new album seems immediately more expansive and wide-reaching than its predecessor, most immediately on beautiful new track “Don’t Move Back To LA” which is streaming below from today.

Indulged with a vintage sway from the outset, the new track holds itself beautifully from the outset, permeating the kind of glow one can imagine soundtracking, funnily enough, the brightly-lit magic of an LA in its most filmic sense. “I think the song is also kind of about my own deep and long-held desire to get the hell out of New York City,” Sheff says of his new record’s lead track, “which for years I felt was suffocating me but which I couldn’t manage to leave.”

Presenting a more decadent composition than we’ve heard in a while from the band, the track unfolds like the most luminous of laments, a decidedly light-hearted moment of reflection that still finds a way of needling in to your wider conscience in the same way that all of Sheff’s work has a knack of doing. Check it out below right now, the full record arrives on April 27th via ATO Records.

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