New Music:

No Thank You

“Juicy J”


words by tom johnson

photograph by peter murray

One of those breathless ninety seconds that introduces someone with such vigour that it’s suitable to think that the track should only have ever been recorded with such intentions in mind. It was, in fact, released as an iPhone-recorded demo in September, but the fully-realised, glorious minute-and-a-half, belongs to No Thank You, the recording project of Kaytee Della Monica, and “Juicy J” arrives again today with the bonus caveat that she has signed with Lame-O Records for the release of a debut record that you won’t have to wait too long to hear; with “Jump Ship” scheduled for a February 24th release.

Teaming up with Nick Holdorf of In the Pines and Evan Bernard of GFP-faves The Superweaks, Kaytee delivers something powerfully endearing on her new track; the track radiating the most contagious energy, making up for the somewhat succinct nature of a track you’ll be repeating again and again in the vain hope that maybe this time it’ll spread its wings further and further. It won’t, of course, but the imprint it leaves very well mirrors such a thing; that effervescent vocal propelled forward by the head-rush of instrumentation , arm in arm, gaze locked firmly forwards.

Stream it below; pre-order the full album here.


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