New Music:

Nature Shots

a prayer; begging


words by tom johnson

photograph by sam tassey

When I first started seeking out new music I remember a line from another writer, whose name sadly escapes me now, who said that the best way to really decide on the power of a song is to all-but ignore it, to let it play in the background, drifting off in to the ether in the room next door, while you fix your attention to something else. If it still finds a way to grip you then you know it’s something special.

Enter Nature Shots’ forthcoming new album¬†Foreclosure, a collection of eight subtle but, it transpires, gripping folk-pop songs, holding just enough power to travel through floorboards and hallways and make a space all of their own. Released next week, the record is mesmerising throughout,¬†Michi Tassey’s wavering voice drifting over aimless but detailed instrumentals, the whole thing deftly moving like a crushed flower unfolding in slow motion.

There are hints of Grouper and similarly charged artists but Foreclosure is undoubtedly something of its own; a snapshot of a life in slow motion, the passage from one season to the next. Unveiled here today, ‘a prayer: begging’ is indicative of the overall piece, a moody, fragile, stirring composition that dissipates as quickly as it arrives, the sound of the silence that lingers in its departure as evocative as its presence itself, emblematic of Tassey’s ability to wrap you up her world without you ever really noticing.

A faint and beautiful start-point, you can stream the new track below right now and don’t miss the full album when it arrives next week.



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