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Mundy’s Bay

“Wandering And Blue EP”


by trevor elkin

It’s almost a year since we last featured Mundy’s Bay and in that time the Montréal five have certainly grown in sound and depth, if their new EP  ‘Wandering And Blue’ is anything to go by.

Streaming below ahead of its release on Friday, ‘Wandering And Blue’ is a delicious clash of 80s subcultures; splicing skeletal gothic wings onto a hybrid shoegaze/new wave torso, its overall, emergent shape is something entirely new, cold and beautiful. Coursing through each track, Esther Mulders’ voice snatches darkness from the wide open Canadian skies and forges it into wavering, swooping and resonant harmonies. Esther and Victor go in a bit deeper on the EP, below in a track-by-track guide. Dive in!



Oceanside is the first song we wrote after we recorded the ‘Hope You’re Fine b/w Countless Roamings single. It was summer and we were playing shows all over Quebec and Ontario and having a good time. That song came very easily and brings back good memories. – Victor

How You Feel

This song is about personal experiences with love, getting caught up in something that may be damaging, trying to escape but having those feelings pull you back in. – Esther

I think I can talk for everyone and say this is our favorite song off the new record. It all came together pretty fast and was pretty much good to go the day after I wrote the main riff! – Victor


Glow is a song we spent a lot of time crafting. It explored new avenues for us so it was a very exciting process. – Victor

I wrote glow thinking of the Summers I had spent in Toronto. Knowing someone who brightened up my day, but isn’t around anymore. I can still feel them with me sometimes, though. – Esther

Strange Feeling

When we wrote that song I was listening to a lot of repetitive bands like Loop and I wanted a song with a very simple structure so all the instruments would come out nicely. In the end it has a bunch of different parts, but still sounds pretty nice! – Victor

This song is about predicting a feeling. You know it’s coming, and you know you’re going to fall into something that you have no control over. – Esther

Window In The Shade

All songs that I write have to do with memory, whether specific or just emotive. Window In The Shade is my personal favourite, because I feel that it represents a time in my life where things were dark. And completing it, and singing it feels like I have let go of whatever that feeling I had before. What I try to do in my lyrics is piece together thoughts, and it was extremely easy with my band mates who composed the music beautifully. It just came out, with ease. – Esther


‘Wandering And Blue’ is released 2nd June.

Pre-order here (US) or here (CAN) or via Bandcamp


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