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words by tom johnson

photograph by andrew wells

Announced last week, Yarn is the brand new album Ohio’s McCafferty, set to be released on March 23rd via their new home of Triple Crown Records, and following quickly in the footsteps of last year’s brilliant ‘Thanks. Sure. Sorry’ EP. Alongside the news, the band have also shared brand new track Loser, which acts both as a powerful reminder of their scintillating craft and as a formidable appetite-whetter ahead of the new record.

Clocking-in at just under the two-minute mark, Loser makes for a powerful, raucous undertaking, a full-bodied melding of giant, pummelling guitars and equally substantial vocals, that drive the whole thing forwards; kicking, screaming, and never once letting up. Check out the track right here, alongside its animated video, and scroll just a litte further down for a quick-fire Q&A with the band’s Nick Hartkop:


What was the last record you bought and was it any good?

I don’t really buy records, but I use streaming services and have been listening to In Utero a lot! I think that album has some of the best punk songs ever written. I’ve been really into the song “Tourettes” lately. The live performances of that song are absolutely insane and captivating!!

Favourite album of the last year?

Homey by Chon- I’ve gotten very into listening to instrumentally focused bands and Homey has such a unique sound. I think it really was a stand out record from last year!

What was the last live show you saw that blew you away?

We Were Promised Jetpacks about 4 years ago was the last concert I went to and they were great! They have such a captivating sound and are some of the best live musicians I’ve ever seen. They are one of my favorites and they are so inspirational. I remember giving their frontman a copy of our first LP because I look up to them so much and I wanted to be a part of music so badly.

Favourite album of the last decade?

Sam’s town by The Killers, always! I think that I may be out of “the decade” but I have not found an album that I have ever connected with as much as Sam’s Town. It’s beautiful.

Favourite closing track on any record?

“I’m sorry” by Blink 182. That song was very special to me growing up.

Favourite show you’ve ever played?

In Cleveland we got to play a fun festival and everyone stormed the stage during our last song and it was so fun. It was a really positive and fun crowd and that’s what I love about shows is having fun and all connecting

Favourite weekend record?

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge – that album has it all. It’s legendary.

What’s the one thing you’d change about the music world if you could?

I can’t shred and Evan can. Maybe I should practice more but I like focusing on lyrics – that’s my form of shredding haha.




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