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words by tom johnson

There’s often an edge to band’s constructed from childhood friends; an unspoken magnetism coined from navigating those choppy, challenging life issues together and coming out the other side of it with a selection of hardened pop songs. Case in point, Marmalakes; a Texas duo who are gearing up for the release of their brilliant new record in early 2018, via Austin Town Hall Records.

Drawn from the same scene that led to Hovvdy and Lomelda, among others, high-school pals Chase Weinacht and Josh Halpern today share brand new track ‘Vittoria’ an immediate and formidable bout of guitar-pop that deals the kind of heavy blow that leaves listener woozily in its wake.

Informed by the small Texan towns that Weinacht found himself during his childhood, the new record takes a greater leap today with the scintillating new track which is premiering below right now. Ripping through a near five-minute journey, Vittoria takes a little time to settle, the muttering guitar line of its considered intro gradually fed until a shift in tone raises the whole thing up a few notches, the track rising and falling throughout, jubilant but jaunty, sumptuous but simmering; a meaty slab of indie-rock that often does the unexpected while still feeling immediately embracing.

The full album will arrive in February – check out the new track right here:




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