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Major Murphy

One Day


words by tom johnson

Continuing their most graceful of ascensions towards their debut album, released at the end of March, Grand Rapids trio Major Murphy have shared another new track from their ‘No.1’ LP today in the form of the subtle, gently stirring new ballad ‘One Day’ a song that is said to “explore the significance that a single day can have and the idea that whether you are waiting for that special day or in the middle of it. The important thing is to always listen and pay attention to what is going on around you,” they add.

Decidedly tender throughout, the new track is centred around beautifully breezy guitars, woven together with some equally playful percussion, both of which conjure a sublime atmosphere for that almost weightless vocal to be carried along on, like the first impression of summer brought in on the softest of breezes. In spite of those sentiments, however, and for a want to not label the band as something trite or saccharine, there’s always the smallest hint of an edge to their music, a little glimpse of a shadow that might threatens to envelop, like the sudden remembrance of something half-forgotten – no matter how far away it appears to be.

It’s that which makes the band all the more enticing; that which keeps dragging you back for more of the same, time and time again. Check it out below right away.

Debut album ‘No.1’ is released on March 30th, via Winspear




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