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Long Neck

10,000 Year Old Woman


words by tom johnson

photograph by lucie murphy

Far from resting on the laurels that made them the most superlative of indie labels in 2017, Tiny Engines are keeping-on keeping on, leaping in to the new year as such things are just arbitrary distractions. Alongside Runaway Brothers‘ February-released new LP, the label are also releasing the much-anticipated new record from Long Neck, the now fully-fledged project from Jawbreaker Reunion’s Lily Mastrodimos.

Such anticipatory tinglings were further heightened with the release of lead track Mine/Yours, a two-minute burst of whole-hearted adrenaline which acted as the record’s thrilling start-point last month, and the whole thing is ramped up a further notch again today with the sharing of brand new track 10,000 Year Old Woman, a far more refined number that showcases a deeper side to the band’s work, a gnarly ballad that always feels like it might burst apart at the seams.

Decidedly fervent and earnest throughout, Mastrodimos’ voice is a thing of dense wonder here, carrying the song with a fiery fortitude that makes good on the precursor that Will This Do? is an album about a bad year; an exploration of what happens when relationships end. “Please don’t tell me you love me. Don’t tell me you love me. Not now,” Lily sings with a plain-stated indolence that will resonate with anyone who has battled through the other side of a relationship. “You should know that I love you, but not the way that you want me to, though I’ve tried.”

Tender but never truly wilted, 10,000 Year Old Woman is the perfect song for this time of year, a document of re-growth after the fact, of hitting the ground with just enough impact to get up and start again, the remnants of dust on your knees a fleeting reminder of where you’ve been and where you mean to go, onwards, upwards, from one season to the next. Check it out below right now.

Pre-order Will This Do? here

Live Dates:

January 11 – Washington DC @ Comet Ping Pong
January 12 – Charlottesville VA @ Tea Bazaar
January 13 – Chapel Hill NC @ Local 506
January 14 – Asheville NC @ Fleetwoods
January 15 – Athens GA @ Flicker Bar
January 16 – Tallahassee FL @ The Bark
January 17 – Birmingham AL @ The Firehouse
January 19 – Nashville TN @ Betty’s Grill
January 20 – St. Louis MO @ Beefs
January 21 – Cedar Rapids @ The Hive Collective
January 22 – Madison WI @ Williamson Magnetic
January 23 – Chicago IL @ Subterranean Downstairs
January 24 – Ann Arbor MI @ Blue House
January 25 – Athens OH @ Safety Club
January 26 – Pittsburgh PA @ The Hive
January 27 – Philadelphia PA @ Lava Space
January 28 – Jersey City NJ @ Monty Hall



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