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Black Willow


words by tom johnson

One of our favourite records of 2016, Cross Record’s Wabi Sabi constructed a captivating and enveloping world all of its own, highlighting the striking nature of Emily Cross ability to shift the tone and temperature of whatever situation her work found itself in. A similarly trait to that of Shearwater, the Texan folk-pop band who have released a slew of wonderful albums since their journey began some fifteen or so years ago.

Bringing both of those varied visions together today, Loma is the new project from Shearwater vocalist Jonathan Meiburg and Cross Record’s Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski, with a full album promised for February 16th, via Sub Pop.  Immediately engrossing, the beautifully balanced lead track is unveiled today alongside an inspired video which hints at the underlying darkness and peculiarity that sits just under the surface of the track’s magnetising four-and-a-half minutes.

Adding even more intrigue to the work, the album was recorded during the breakdown of the marriage between Cross and Duszynski, an unsteadiness that seemingly permeates from the album’s heart. Recorded without a real plan in a small house in the Texan countryside, the house become something of a muse for the work as the record came together and the aforementioned marriage fell apart.

A quietly poignant and evocative start-point, you can watch the brand new video ‘Black Willow’ below right now – and grab a pre-order via the Sub Pop link beneath. Check it out now:

Pre-order the album via Sub Pop here




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