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Locate S,1

“Owe It 2 The Girls”


words by tom johnson

Set for a digital release via Sybaritic Peer on April 20th, and on LP/CD on May 18th via Nicey Music, Healing Contest is the brand new album from Christina Schneider, who appears here under her Locate S,1 moniker. Recorded with Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, the new album is preceded by lead track “Owe It 2 The Girls”, a gleaming, skewed, pop gem; the kind of playful and purposeful four-minutes that immediately hooks you in to the idiosyncratic world it introduces.

Informed by a sparkling guitar line that seems to permeate throughout, pertinently shaping the overall landscape, the track is led by Schneider’s dexterous and delightful voice, one that feels like a character in itself, effervescent and teaming with life. There’s real depth here too; dig inside that bright exterior and “Owe It 2 The Girls” is an evocative statement of intent, the exquisiteness of its creation juxtaposed by a biting undercurrent laying half-hidden in the lyrics: “You need ego death, not a new girlfriend. You say your mother called me a cliche, now that I’m evil I can say you treat her the same way.”

A brilliantly alluring introduction, you can stream “Owe It 2 The Girls” via its new video below right now; here’s a little extra context to the whole thing courtesy of Christina Schneider herself:

I wasn’t planning on making a video for “Owe it 2 the Girls” and then my friend Molly Lehmann sent me this video and I knew what had to be done. Clayton Rychlik (who’s drumming on the track) and JoJo Glidewell (keyboards on much of the album) filmed everything with two VHS Camcorders – one broken – at their house in Athens, GA and AC Carter rounded up a delightful crew of femme-identifying friends to dance together. I’m not much for gender essentialism but who can deny the blissful feeling of drowning out maleness.

Pre-order the album here: Digital | LP/CD



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