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words by tom johnson

photograph by Nick DiNatale

Following on from a year in which they burned brighter than most, Disposable America will release the new six-track EP from Allston, MA, trio Lilith early next month, and the whole thing is preceded with the tempting glimpse that is new track “Loaded” – and you can check it out below right now.

Pitched as a sound that is the “sweet, simple, and honest renderings of feeling“, the lead track from the aforementioned¬†EP is a suitably woozy affair, the smart fuzz of guitars underpinning a lead vocal that feels all the more compelling thanks to the unhurried demeanour of its presentation. The languidness is, over time, replaced by something else, however, and the heady nature of the track gives way to something both captivating and heartening, like a laid-back anthem for the disheartened. Whichever way you approach it, however, you’ll find a scuzzy, guitar-pop gem – look out for heaps more of the same when the full tape lands on February 3rd. Stream “Loaded” below right now.

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