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Letting Up Despite Great Faults



by tom johnson

Arriving on February 10th,  the ‘Alexander Devotion‘ EP is the latest release from Letting Up Despite Great Faults, arriving via the ever-sturdy arms of the Heist or Hit label. Showcasing a more formidable sound from the Austin-based trio, the new EP still has the band’s dream-pop roots at its core but, at the same time, sees them tunnelling down new holes; adding shoegaze-esque guitars to the mix and a more clarifying lead vocal from Mike Lee.

New track “Pageantry” is indicative of such notions, a propulsive four-minutes that mixes shimmering waves of guitar alongside a languid vocal that seems to hold everything in place, like the snapshot-memory of some golden day you’re trying to keep dear forever. Underpinned by a gleaming sense of atmosphere that hints at a seasonal sunniness that feels a long way out of reach for many of us just now, “Pageantry” is a beatific pop song of the most woozy persuasion; bright, bold and ready to soundtrack whichever lingering summer memories still remain. Check it out below.

‘Alexander Devotion’ EP is released via Heist or Hit on 10th Feb



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