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Lazy Legs



words by tom johnson

Lazy Legs have always had a determined consideration of both mood and texture, finding new and ever-absorbing ways of generating and filling space with their hazy dream-pop/shoegaze concoctions. Streaming here from today, brand new track “Gloss” is further proof of such a thing, a six-minute swell that weaves a Yo La Tengo-esque sense of balance alongside classic Smashing Pumpkins guitar noise while still very much creating something of its own impressive persuasion.

Written and recorded as a reflection of their move from Chicago to the less cluttered West Coast, the new track finds the duo in brooding mood, the song also turning its gaze towards “faux-tragic mystique” of online personas and how readily such a thing has embedded itself within our day-to-day lives. Despite such afflictions, the song itself feels beautifully measured, with just a hint of darkness creeping in it via those aforementioned guitar squalls that shift the mood away from the more prevalent hypnotic sway.

A beautiful moment of escape, no matter the subject matter, the track is taken from a new and forthcoming EP called Tremors – and you can stream the track below right now. Check it out:



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