New Music:


“Eyes First / Looking For You”


words by ross jones

Under her wistful KookieLou project, Lily Wolter recently released a new EP titled ‘Salt’, an unshielded gaze into her most dynamic and forthright writing thats fully backed by the charmingly natural sounds of bedroom-recorded minimalism and expressive textures.

As a member of Brighton’s Penelope Isles, Wolter elicited a sense of naive wonder, a sense of character that is slowly becoming a distinctive trait for her songwriting as a whole. A highlight from the new EP, ‘Eyes First / Looking For You‘ is this time cautious to throw itself in the deep end, an unmistakable rationality seeping through the layers with a keen sense of perception that adds a neoteric element to Wolter’s music.

The track is emotive and impelling, a gracious temperament swelling from within Wolter’s words as they articulate with unambiguity. “Know what you love, it’s easy to get lost, diving in eyes first is a bad idea” as the textures mingle, the reverie of a dream state begins to unfold, Wolter seemingly balancing the scales between the prosperity of happiness and the sharpness of reality.

‘Salt’ is available now from KookieLou’s Bandcamp page – watch the new video for ‘Eyes First / Looking For You’ below.



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