New Music:

Karima Walker

“St. Ignacio”


by tom johnson

Continuing a faultless run of releases that has led to some of the most beguiling and wholesome albums of the past couple of years, Orindal Records continue to quietly, discreetly, infiltrate the musical world with little moments of magic that have the ability to turn the pace of the day on its head. 2016 saw wonderful releases from the likes of Hello Shark and Lisa/Liza, both of whom made our “Essential Albums of the Year” list, and the label – run by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone/Advance Bass frontman Owen Ashworth – has already started this year in fine form, re-releasing the cult folk/pop classic from Dear Nora, and now introducing us to the bewitching work of Karima Walker, an experimental artist from Tucson, Arizona, who will release her full-length through the record label at the end of March.

A “remixed, resequenced and remastered version” of Karima’s long-sold-out, self-released tape from last year, this exquisitely crafted piece of work is reintroduced via “St Ignacio“, a first glimpse of the aforementioned LP and one that paints a moody but often beautiful soundscape; Walker’s meditative voice stitched in to the fabric of the song which is comprised of ambient field-recording and profoundly delicate instrumentation. Like solitude prevailing in an otherwise empty room, the track feels weighted by poignancy, every delicate creak and shifting silent shadow as much a part of the composition as the music itself.

A wonderfully intriguing entry-point – you can stream “St Ignacio” below right now, and head over to the Orindal page for more information, and to pre-order the new release.

Pre-order “Hands In Our Names” here, via Orindal Records


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