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Kal Marks

Springtime In January


words by tom johnson

There’s always been a wild edge to the music of Kal Marks, a kind of unspoken recklessness that goes hand-in-hand with the music itself; a wide-eyed flash of a stare, a palpable nervousness that rarely settles. Perhaps, then, a rabid animated video is the music’s best pairing, that same warped vision brought to life in scintillating video form.

And so goes, with the sharing Springtime In January, another cut from the forthcoming new record, which arrives today, bitter and snarling, alongside its inspired corresponding visual, created by director Carly Lieberman. “I like making problems seem trivial by presenting larger less manageable problems,” Carly says of the new video. “Carl (of Kal Marks) told me this song was about climate change, which is a clumsily managed problem created by humanity. So I started thinking about what would have to happen to make the self destruction of the entire earth seem like less of a problem. This video is about becoming so caught up in small scale problems, that we end up completely blindsided by the more damaging ones.”

A boisterous, screeching affair, the new track makes for a fiery introduction to the band’s forthcoming new record, Universal Care, which is due out February 23rd via Exploding In Sound. “This world is much too noisy,” the band’s Carl Shane, adding a little more context to the whole piece. “We all bark over each other both in person and on the internet. It causes us all to ignore the biggest problem facing this world, which is global warming. There are plenty of issues today, that deserve attention, but our climate should be priority number one. I fear we’ll never reach any common ground on this, and leave this earth in rougher shape for future generations.”

Pre-order the new record here, check out a host of tour dates at the bottom of the page, and watch the new video below right now. The band are also currently running an Indiegogo campaign for a new van; find more details on that here.

Tour Dates:

3/03 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar w/ Maneka, Baked, & A Deer A Horse
3/09 – Hadley, MA @ The Flip
3/10 – Cambridge, MA @ Elks lodge w/ Nice Guys & Bat House
3/24 – Portland, ME @ Bowl Haven w/ Greed Island
4/03 – Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits
4/04 – Washington, DC @Rhizome
4/05 – Richmond, VA @ Champion Brewery
4/06 – Charlotte, NC @ Lunchbox Records
4/07 – Asheville, NC @Static Age
4/08 – Nashville, TN @ East Room
4/09 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
4/10 – Tallahassee, FL @Wilbury
4/11 – New Orleans, LA
4/12 – Houston, TX
4/13 – Austin, TX @ Beerland
4/14 – Denton, TX @ County Brewery
4/18 – Flagstaff, AZ
4/17 – Phoenix, AZ
4/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Top Space
4/19 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock
4/20 – Oakland, CA @ Eli’s mile high club
4/21 – Corvallis, OR @ Sparkle Castle
4/22 – Portland, OR @ Rontoms
4/23 – Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
4/24 – Boise, ID
4/26 – Denver, CO @ Club Scum
4/27 – Omaha, NB @Brothers Lounge
4/28 – Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
4/29 – Madison, WI
4/30 – Chicago, IL @Subterranean (Downstairs)
5/01 – Kalamazoo, MI @Rancho Unicorno
5/02 – Ohio
5/03 – Rochester, NY @ small world books
5/04 – New Paltz, NY @ Nachohouse
5/05 – Allston, MA @ O’Briens



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