New Music:

Julie Byrne

“I Live Now As A Singer”


words by ross jones

photograph by jonathan bouknight

I Live Now As A Singer”, the closing entry of Julie Byrne’s stunning new full-length, ‘Not Even Happiness‘, replaces the affectionate familiarity of her encompassing guitar playing for sombre, wallowing synthetics – a bracing difference that perhaps indicates a passage of change. While it may be a statement of intention from Byrne, a closing chapter and a note of reorientation that is a mark of future endeavours – all we know now is that its a suitable finale for an intimate and natural record of tangible humanity.

Formed as a earnest letter of mournful conviction, Byrne delivers the most heartbreaking of sentiments as she admits to an inability to forgive and forget her own judgements before being able to love someone else. “There is a passion in me, it doesn’t long for those things / tell me how it feels, for you to be in love“- the track is a stunning document of detachment, told through Byrne’s unwavering presence as a writer of current exsistance, informed by her time on the road and the affect it has on her everyday life. ‘I Live Now As A Singer’ is a harrowingly bare account of having to surrender aspects of life for the realisation of contentment.

‘Not Even Happiness’, Julie Byrne’s new full-length, is available from 27th January

via Basin Rock (UK) and Ba Da Bing!


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