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words by tom johnson

With the snappiness of their previous work, and a new-found sense of depth and detail, Julian return today with new track ‘Low’, the first work to be pulled from a brand new EP, titled Real Distance and released this June via the Fire Talk roster, home to the likes of Nassau, The Spookfish, and many more.

Led by Julia Leiby, and their somewhat hypnotic croon, Julian’s new incarnation also features¬†Cale Cuellar of Tall Friend on drums and Tosser’s Eric Zidar on bass, and the trio immediately cast the project in a new light, carving out a sense of melancholy that is all the more prevalent due to the track’s shortened running time, the space left behind akin to a sudden departure from an important conversation, of words left unsaid.¬†¬†Immediately compelling, thanks to that crystalline guitar line that the track begins on, there’s an almost sultry sway to ‘Low’, the “oohs” of Leiby’s voice drifting within the tender instrumentation, feeling pertinently shaped by a lengthy summer day that never offered the outcome you were hoping for.

An alluring entry-point to their new work, ‘Low’ is a hushed and hurried gem of a track. Find out what else the EP has to offer when it’s released later this Summer. Check out the new track below right now.

Julian’s ‘Real Distance’ EP is released in June, via Fire Talk

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