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John Moods

Take It Home

(Ft. Sean Nicholas Savage)


words by tom johnson

A collection of songs which Fenster’s Jonathan Jarzyna “found in himself during a summer spent hiking along the Iberian coast”, The Essential John Moods LP is as pretty and explorative as that introduction suggests, offering thirteen songs of hazy, winding guitar-pop songs that wilt, and lift, and shimmer like the gently lapping sea itself, caught by the occasional glowing ray of sunshine.

If such sentiments seem somewhat saccharine then find a place for new track “Take It Home” and try not to find yourself whisked away to some hazy memory of summer; stirred by the distance need for journey and discovery. Written and recorded in the very places that inspired him, using a mini-guitar and his phone, the songs from Jaryzna’s travels were then touched-up upon his return home, with one such addition being some guest vocals from the inimitable Sean Nicholas Savage, who adds his voice to the brand new track, which we’re very pleased to share here today.

Beautifully illusory, the track is a gentle and colourful moment of escape, the sound of a day slowly taking shape. Underpinned by playful little runs of guitar and vocals which simmer, but soon grow in to palpable inflections all of their own, the track is a magical little ditty, one that sways and bends in the breeze; a little crack in the real world that a lets little extra light in. And don’t we need it. Check it out below right now.



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