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Jessica Risker

Cut My Hair


words by tom johnson

“And all the things I want to share, and all the times I cut my hair; you didn’t care…”

For a song of such sentimental leanings, there’s a beautiful sense of balance to Jessica Risker, a deep breath that steadies the hand as she begins to the tell the story she needs to tell. Unveiled below today, new track “Cut My Hair” is the latest track to be taken from Risker’s forthcoming album I See You Among The Stars, which┬áis released later this Spring via Western Vinyl.

“Cut My Hair is a reflective, fuzzy pastiche of love memories. I think many people have the experience of making some sort of change that feels personally major – like a new hair cut – and then the person you care about the most doesn’t notice or can’t really tell anything is different until you point it out to them, and there’s always sort of a disappointing feeling to that,” Risker says of the track, before adding: “It’s just a slice in time, operating in domestic life, thinking about past loves and all the emotional turmoil – good and bad – that was special about them, while trying to ground yourself in the present.”

Centred around Jessica’s tender, somewhat ethereal voice, which glides a little way above the softly plucked guitar which broods gently throughout, the new track journeys on from that bruised introduction to, eventually, find a place more settled, Risker gaze shifting from what’s been to what is: “I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring; I am thankful for the air I breathe,” she sings on the closing line, the voice disappearing at that moment, like a sudden realisation that negates anything else that might have followed it.

The new album is out May 4th; check out the beautiful new song below via Jessica’s own-made video:


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