New Music:

Jay Som

“1 Billion Dogs”


words by ross jones

Bathed in a blanket of fuzz-filled intent and earnest notions, Melina Duterte has shared another taste of Jay Som’s new Everybody Works LP with “1 Billion Dogs“, a crooked yet not unbalanced route through weakness and misconceptions that finds Duterte’s blossoming aptness for shaping tethered discouragement into boundless pop songs of self-guidance full of affection and understanding.

Following the tender assurances of ‘The Bus Song’, ‘1 Billion Dogs’ is a more driven yet perhaps unstable affair, Duterte trying to find her feet amongst the confusing atmospheres and evoking the isolation of such perceptions. “I forget, just like a kid / can’t see straight/ I’m tired and I’m alone.” Solemn under the surprisingly comforting cloak of distortion, it’s indubitable that there is an element of hopeful solace layered within the sheets, a spirit prepared to offer a candle to show the path back out from under the cover. 1 Billion Dogs reaches compelling heights and is another notable encounter with a burgeoning voice.

‘Everybody Works’ is available from March 10th via Double Denim Records


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