New Music:


“Final Drive”


by ross jones

The conclusive title to Islet’s new single, “Final Drive”, insinuates a state of closure – one last push for something thats dearly wanted before admitting defeat. Upon listening to the single itself, the group sound no where near such acknowledgement – delivering their most confident and close-knit work of unity yet.

Having spent some time relocating back to their roots of rural Wales, the group have returned after a few years of reclusive solitude – seemingly rejuvenated and just as innovative as they were before. ‘Final Drive’ is an effortless, persuasive listen that hints at a more composed stance, but retains the exploratory tendencies that made them so vibrant on previous releases.

Grooving bass, fastidious guitar hooks and soothing synth layers lather the track in a slick, absorbent coating – Emma and Mark Daman Thomas gently gracing its gates with discerning unrest over practice in heritage: “Why can’t we leave things the same // it’s our tradition / the way it’s always been // it’s our injustice / gone on for far too long“.

Another welcome return from the Welsh group – listen to ‘Final Drive’ below.

New EP ‘Liquid Half Moon’ is released 9th December, via Shape Records


photograph by eleanor hardwick

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