New Music:

I’m Kingfisher

Luck Underwhelms Me


words by tom johnson

photograph by anna bradhede

“I wanted to give this album time, and time came to be a big part of it,” Thomas Jonsson says of his forthcoming new record, his sixth solo effort as I’m Kingfisher, released later this Spring. “While I’ve been collecting the songs for this album I’ve seen people both depart and arrive. Events and plans that ended and became something else, a feeling and a movement that fascinates me a lot.”

A captivating three-minutes or so, and shared here today for the first time, new single Luck Underwhelms Me certainly plays in to those aforementioned sentiments, a rugged country ballad that adds scorched strings and dusty guitar playing to Jonsson’s cracked, yearning voice to create something worn and aged, a song for the road less travelled; the disappearing of things once held dear. It feels both wise and craggy, neither of just the man or the earth but of one within the other, the push and pull between forces we can never get a grasp on, the ambiguous nature of our time here:

“And when I see how happy you’ve become,” Jonsson sings, during the track’s flourishing finale, “of course you should go with him while I’m sharpening my blade. Strings screeching like a hunted horse in the sun.”

I’m Kingfisher’s new ‘Transit‘ LP is released on April 13th, via new Stockholm-based label Fading Trails Recordings – listen to the new song below right now and pre-order the full record here.



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