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I, Alexander

Sturdy Thoughts


words by maria sledmere

Maybe the coldest weekend of the year so far has encased the world in a layer of frost, each crust of ice replete with secrets. When the air is this cold and clear, the sky a deep and chasmic blue, we often need songs that fulfil; melodies that swell and reach out for a story. Fortunately, the new single from I, Alexander, the first to be plucked from the band’s second LP, set to be released on January 12th via Susan Records, satisfies that peculiar brand of mid-winter ache.

‘Sturdy Thoughts’ is a plaintive, intelligent pastoral that quietly unravels its sorrow with trills of piano, cascading harmonies and plucked acoustic, draped artfully over warm strings that surge and hold back in tandem with the song’s oscillating tale of distance and intimacy in a failing relationship: “Don’t tell me I told you so / Don’t wait up if I don’t show / Don’t hold my body so near.” Classically-inspired, the song builds with shivering strings that soar through the pretty intricacies of arranged decline, leaving us with a tenderness of absence and loss. Somehow, even with everything crumbling away like snow, there’s a sense of wholeness in the end—a promise that one day, even the lovelorn might again hold their own.

I, Alexander LP is released on January 12th, via Susan Records

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