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In his review of HOLY’s new album, featured in our new physical publication, Trevor Elkin writes: “If the high art concepts on HOLY’s All These Worlds Are Yours playfully hinted at Hannes Ferm’s lone ascendency into some kind of off-world, post-human existence, then new album Ryder is its gorgeous synthpop epitaph.”

Released at the end of February, via the brilliant Swedish label PNKSLM, the new record finds Ferm in a wonderfully colourful mood, presenting something that feels at once both illusory and gloriously skewed, like finding yourself consciously trapped inside a dream.

New song “Flames”, which is streaming here below from today, is indicative of this mood, presenting a somewhat dystopian temper through a swampy mix of brooding vocals and ominous synths that makes for a bold and mystical adventure that feels utterly thrilling.

Simply put: Don’t miss it. Check out the new song below right now.


New album Ryder is released Feb 28th, via PNKSLM

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