New Music:

hola beach

the big game


words by tom johnson

Released ahead of a new EP which signals the ned of their ‘Hola Beach‘ moniker and a transition into new waters, “the big game” is a gnarly gem of sludgy guitar-pop, the kind of simmering three-minutes or so that leaves a lasting impression on you with little indication as to why it does so.

Released via experimental tape label Two Moons, the new EP is released via a party in Austin on December 2nd, and promises to be another key record in the small batch of releases that needle their way out just as the year is slowing down to a crawl.

Exuding a kind of withdrawn sentimentality throughout, the track always threatens to really let loose but never quite finds enough energy to do so. Instead what we’re left with is a the sound of day slowly unraveling in the shade of some passing, listless afternoon that never ends up the way you planned. A rugged, strangely poignant undertaking, the new cut precedes the EP’s December 4th release – and you can check it out below right now.



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