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High Sunn



words by ross jones

High Sunn is the blissfully aware and self-inflicted pop project of Justin Cheromiah, a seventeen year old from San Francisco who over the course of three years has released more than most will even dream to in their entire career. First covered on these pages back in 2015 (here), his last three records, which are all worth their weight in romantic gold, were all self-released within the last twelve months and recorded within his bedroom – picking up a cult following for his reverb-drenched affirmations in love and life and everything in between. Whats most enjoyable about Cheromiah’s work is seeing how it has developed so rapidly, so much so that he is now releasing his first studio EP through the ever exploratory PNKSLM label, with a full-band backing him, taking his music onto that next level that it deserves.

Early signs suggest that ‘Hopeless Romantic‘, especially in the release of its first single “Polaroids” – is a defining moment in Cheromiah’s work, a concise amalgamation of his most treasured moments into a fuller and somehow even more compelling sound. The bathed distortion that controlled ‘U Stole My Heart’ is moulded into something sharper, guitars brighter and Cheromiah’s vocal accentuated, but with a comfortable and no less absorbing push into prominence. Exasperated and poignant, ‘Polaroids’ is a fitting introduction to those uneducated to Cheromiah’s music – for those that are, its perhaps the entry of another favourite within a momentous amount of great work.

‘Hopeless Romantic’ is available from May 19th via PNKSLM

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