New Music:

Heart Attack Man

“100mg (Millennial)”


words by tom johnson

Announced yesterday via the sharing of McCafferty’s “Finally”, a new split release pitches two of Ohio’s brightest guitar bands alongside each other on a new split release, the aforementioned quartet working alongside Heart Attack Man for a new five-track 12″ which is released collaboratively between two of the best labels in the game – Take This To Heart and Triple Crown – on February 2nd.

McCafferty’s track captured the fun spirit that they aimed to inject in to their side of the split, and Heart Attack Man’s own effort is equally spirited, immediately bursting in to life with a solid bout of percussion and a slab of big riffy guitars. A gnarly three-and-a-half minutes, “100mg (Millennial)” is a wry snap-shot of modernity: “No direction, no hope for me, no sense in trying to save my sorry ass…” they sing with all the bedroom-buried listlessness of the golden age of pop-punk, needling their way through vexation after vexation as the instrumental prowess swells ever higher.

An industrious and immediate way to crack open 2018, both of these new tracks point towards a split-release that will be digging its heels in and sticking around for many months to come. You can check out the McCafferty track here, and listen to Heart Attack Man’s “100mg (Millennial)” below right now.

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