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Nice Legs

Strange Family


by tom johnson

It’s been nearly three years since we first wrote about Nice Legs, and it was one of those blog posts that stuck with us. Thanks, mostly, to the fact that the duo went on to work with our friends at Z Tapes, but also because, well, those songs man. Floral, exquisite, pop music that brightened up your day with one breath of warm air. They continue to gleam and flourish to this day – but there’s always room for more. And so they here are again, working with our (other) friends at Fox Food Records, alongside Campers Rule Records, on a brand 7″ single.

Featuring two new tracks, “Mighty Three” and “Ashtrays”, the release only adds extra weight to the band’s charm, the sweet soundscapes they make recalling adventurous daydreams that seem to take place in some world much more plentiful than this one.┬áLauren Walker’s high-pitched vocal is as instantaneously evocative as ever before, managing to sound both playful and completely compelling with one swooping breath, laying itself over the textural instrumental landscapes like clouds clinging to mountains.

Lead track “Mighty Three” is a stirring piece of pop music, the┬ádense production an alluring backdrop for those aforementioned vocals to scale, while “Ashtrays” offers something slightly more translucent; this time the vocals are half-buried but the track is led by a somewhat wistful atmosphere that drifts between nostalgic meandering and starry-eyed journeying in to the unknown. Same as it ever was, then; smart, intriguing, and often beautiful. Stream both tracks below:


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