New Music:

Haley Heynderickx

Untitled God Song


words by tom johnson

Every once in a while, amid the swirling chaos of the music world, a song comes along that stops time, that shrinks everything to just the space around you and your seasoned imagination. If such sentiments sound wildly superfluous then find a quiet space and spend four-minutes of your time with “Untitled God Song” – the staggering impressive new track from Haley Heynderickx, and the latest to be unveiled from her forthcoming new album.

Constructed by those most vital of building blocks – a captivating voice you can feel; lyrics that make your chest drop in the surprise – the new track furthers Heynderickx’s flourishing reputation, the track’s powerful final third leaping from the embers of the weighty wonders that lay before it. Lyrically bold and adventurous, the track might shy away from a title but it certainly holds nothing of its intentions back. “And maybe my god has a trot in her walk,” she sings on the tracks opening line, “and her coach bags are knockoff, her shoes are all dressed up, and she spins me around like a marionette,” before it drifts in to more personal and ambiguous pastures: “When you’re drunk near a sunset look straight in her eyes; she’s the quick glimpse of heaven, forgetting her headlights are on.”

Explored in more detail via a new interview over on Stereogum, the track follows on from last year’s equally immersive Oom Sha La La and adds even more intrigue to the new record which is set for release on March 2nd. Check it out below right now.




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