New Music:

Greg Jamie

Inherit The Wind


words by tom johnson

photograph by paige bedard

As a part of the brilliant O’Death, Greg Jamie often skirted around the frayed edges of psych-folk, finding new and interesting ways of presenting otherwise plaintive folk tales. On his first solo record, that blueprint is pushed and unraveled in even more distinct shapes, the forthcoming nine-song collection said to have been inspired by ”┬áthe weight of cold, New England winters, and the ethereality of a sci-fi dreamscape.” The album is released in January, via the ever-expansive arms of Orindal Records (Friendship, Lisa/Liza, Hello Shark).

Unveiled today, latest work “Inherit The Wind” is suitably of the land, deeply rooted and stained with dirt, permeated by stories of those that have worked and walked upon it, year after year after year. Jamie’s voice, sometimes strained, mostly smooth but wilted, tells cryptic, disturbing stories of sacrifice: “The horses grow thinner with each passing day…I feed them my children.”

A immediate, stirring leap out of the brightness of the real world, in to something far more shadowed and ambiguous, “Inherit The Wind” is a twisted but compelling display of pitch-black folk music – check it out below right now.

‘Crazy Time’ is out January 18th, via Orindal Records

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