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words by tom johnson

As ghost orchard, Sam Hall has released two tender and wonky bedroom-pop records, eventually catching the ear of Warren Hildebrand who promptly invited Hall to join the illustrious ranks of his Orchid Tapes label for the release of bunny, a third full-length, released at the end of this week, August 23rd.

Pitched as “a celebration of love and everything in between”, the album offers both more-of-the-same from Hall while also taking his work to whole new heights, small creases ironed out, edges rounded off. The magic is still in the detail, however, and in that regard bunny is more cryptic and oddly evocative than ever before, a flick-book between genres, a passing flurry of nightly dramas that sometimes swell but mostly creep past in the shadows.

Indicative of this haziness, the record’s inverse tangibleness, is brand new track ‘honeymoon’, a skewed couple of minutes that act as bunny‘s final puzzle piece before the full picture is revealed later this week. Where the title-track radiated gentle r&b influences, ‘honeymoon’ offers something less solid, the skittering beat that opens the song soon met with Hall’s own listless lead vocal and a soft scattering of tics and found-sounds that sparkle atop, small glimpses of stars through the cloudy night sky.

Both faint and fascinating, ‘honeymoon’ makes for a fitting introduction to the equally-hypnotic fuller collection – and you can check it out below right now.


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