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Frightened Rabbit

“Fields Of Wheat”


words by tom johnson

There’s always been a semi-political undercurrent to Frightened Rabbit, whether that be in song – see: “And the english fucking rule, will mean nothing to these towns” on Scottish Winds, as well as various other lyrical tidbits – or in appearance (the band headlined a Yes concert on the eve of the Scottish independence referendum), and frontman Scott Hutchison takes that relevancy to a new level this weekend with the release of new track “Fields Of Wheat“, a direct but ambiguous response to the UK election which took place last Thursday.

Taking its title from a bizarre answer that the now highly embarrassed, ex-prime minister-in-waiting gave to a seemingly normal question in the lead-up to the election, the track itself is a tender and evocative capturing of mood and strained atmosphere, of towns left to rot, of backs turned on those that needed so much more, of human decency burned by odious tabloid and the exhaust fumes of lying campaign buses, of skewed intolerance that has snaked its way through the cities and rural areas of a country and kingdom that still feels broken despite a wave of decency that showed its face for the first time in a long time.

You can stream Fields Of Wheat below right now; here’s the band’s own introduction:

We made this today. It felt like the song should go out now, because it’s about what’s happening now, it’s about where we live and if we waited too long the sentiment could go stale. We don’t want to be too descriptive or conclusive here, our only hope is that you listen, enjoy and share it.



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